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Getting Serious About Sensory

This week we had our first two sessions of sensory occupational therapy. It's been a long time coming for a number of reasons, but I'm already feeling very hopeful about it.

I wrote about the results of OB's sensory assessment here and here. OB's ability to process sensory information is, frankly, all over the place, but he has particular difficulties with being under sensitive to proprioceptive information (where his body is in space), and over sensitive to auditory input and vestibular input (related to balance and movement). Poor core strength is also an issue, with knock-on effects in all kinds of unexpected areas.

The Occupational Therapist (who is a marvel!) had equipped us with a 'sensory diet' of activities which we have attempted to implement with mixed success to be honest. The main benefit of the assessment for me was to clarify which things OB could do, but didn't want to, and which he simply could not manage. Armed with that information, we'…

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