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How Can the Church Respond to Child on Parent Violence and Aggression?

After a long break, I have been galvanised into blogging today by an article published by the Christian organisation, Premier. The article (available to read here ) is an uncritical report of the comments of a Christian author (who I have never heard of) on the recent news reporting of an increase in child on parent violence and abuse. Basically, the parents are to blame. Oh, and also schools, the media and society. But mostly the parents. A bit more smacking probably wouldn't hurt either. I would imagine that many would have had strong opinions on seeing news articles about child or adolescent violence and aggression towards parents. It is, thankfully, an experience that will be far removed from the reality of most families, but in the adoption and fostering community, and in the SEND parenting community, it's a subject that is raised time and time again. For many of us, seeing it spoken about in the news was not a surprise or a shock. For some, it was a relief to see a prob

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