Children's Social Care provides the fun part of my week again!

So . . . I have to take the boy to the Doctor's for a DNA test.  I am supposed to take with me a copy of his birth certificate and 2 passport photos.  I phone his social worker who, for some reason, is surprised that I don't have a copy of his birth certificate already.  Why would I? 

I inform them that they still have the spare passport photos from the passport application I tried to make for him 4 months ago and ask them to send me the documentation ASAP so I can book the appointment at the Doctor's.

That was three weeks ago.  Today the social worker phones me and asks me why I haven't taken him for the DNA test yet.  Excellent question, I think, and patiently explain the whole thing again.

At the same time, I ask them if we have a date yet for his return to his Mum.  They had a court date nearly a month ago at which time we were all told that his Mum would be rehomed by the end of the month and then he could return to her.  It's the end of the month, so why no date on rehoming?  Social worker sounds confused.  I patiently explain the whole thing again.  Turns out the social worker doesn't know the date.  "I'll have to phone . . . " she says vaguely.

Not to worry though, because after four months of constant chasing and phone calls and more chasing it turns out they have actually sent off his passport application now.  This is really great because, having had to cancel my trip to see my family no less than three times, it now seems we'll get his passport through just in time for him to go back to his Mum who has neither the means nor inclination to make use of it.

Still, what would life be without its little ups and downs?!


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