C is for ... Chester Zoo!

Oh, this has been a long time coming! First there was the A that wasn't really an A, and then there were the three Bs and now, finally, we reach C in our A-Z tour.

I've had this C in mind for a long time now, partly because I wanted to combine it with a visit to a dear friend. In the end, due to a rather pathetic technology fail, we only managed to spend half an hour with the friend, but it was a very nice cup of coffee and speed-catch-up nonetheless.

The zoo trip was great. We have been to Chester Zoo before, around 18 months ago and, amazingly, OB seemed to have some recollection of watching the penguins swim underwater through the glass wall. Sadly, the penguins wouldn't swim for us today, but he was happy enough with the elephants and the giraffes, so we got over our disappointment.

Everything is quite spaced out at Chester Zoo, so we had gone prepared with the double buggy for BG and my friend's daughter, as well as the buggy board to help OB as the day wore on and legs got tired. There was plenty of walking between areas - perhaps more than there needed to be due to my unusually questionable map-reading skills today! In the end though, OB's legs didn't need that much help and he really only went on the board for the novelty factor.

It wasn't a cheap day - £20 for my ticket and £16 for OB's - but we saved a bit by taking a picnic (all my friend's work!), avoiding the gift shop and only spending money on essential coffees. I was a bit disappointed to find that the monorail was extra. It wasn't much but still it helped to take our total spend for the day to well over £40, not including travel costs.

It was worth it though. This was the last hurrah of our summer holidays and OB was really excited about it beforehand, and thoroughly enjoyed his day. Even better, he was wonderfully well-behaved, kind to the babies, no running off, shouting, arguing or saying "No!" - just pleasant and great company. And he was still talking about the elephants when he went to bed.

And now for D - no ideas yet - suggestions welcome!


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    1. It is at the moment but there are also nice walks in the grounds, deer, gardens to explore and a coffee shop!

  2. Disneyworld - I know we need to wait until OB is 6 or so, but it is going to be a great D

    1. We'll probably be on our second time round the alphabet by then. Can't wait!! :-)

  3. We have enjoyed Chester zoo too, and I'll come if you go to Dunham Massey. it brought back memories when you mentioned your buggy board, that's how we used to manage in the early days. Glad you had a good day out and thanks for sharing on Memory Box. x


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