D is for . . . Daisy Nook!

And so we continue to make slow progress on our A-Z tour of days out. At least we are finally past our ABCs!

D is a country park we took a drive out to at the end of September on a day that couldn't make its mind up weather-wise. We had a little drizzle, but mainly the sunshine was kind to us, and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon doing what I imagine 'outdoorsy' mums do with their children! 

I don't know anything about the park or its history but, after visiting, I'd love to find out more about the large stone wall structures dotted around like dams, holding back grass rather than water. We played in a lovely sand-filled play area near the cafe, took a walk along the waterway, climbed these stone structures which somehow reminded me of the lost parts of the Kingdom of Gondor on Frodo's journey towards Mordor, and best of all, from OB's point of view anyway, played on the slide in the adventure playground.

Oh, and we collected a fair few sticks!

Lovely afternoon!


  1. An A - Z tour sounds a lovely idea. We have 12 birthday challenges for different places and experiences to visit between birthdays. I love the idea of an A - Z, a nice way to help our children explore their new environment.

    1. It's a lovely idea isn't it?! I totally stole it off friends of mine who did it as a pre-marriage project while they were whiling away their engagement together.


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