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Home Education - A Safeguarding Issue?

In the week that the consultation period on home education ended, Children and Young People Now has published an article detailing the response of the Association of Directors of Children's Services (ADCS) to the consultation.

In the article, Stronger laws needed to send home-educated children back to school, says ADCS, we see the usual arguments against home education, thinly veiled as concerns about children's safety and welfare. It reads well. It seems reasonable. But a closer look at the claims that are being made reveals a case that is built on assumptions and suffers from application of the 'safeguarding lens' that those in children's services are so accustomed to viewing everything through.

I am a former teacher and, until recently, a foster carer. I know about safeguarding. I know that schools have a vital role to play in identifying children who may be experiencing abuse and neglect. I also know that schools are not the only bodies with this responsibility…

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