What are we doing here?

I say 'we' rather optimistically as for now it's just 'me' and zero readers/followers, but maybe in the future, who knows?!

So, what are we doing here?  Specifically, what's this blog about?  Well, in a few short weeks I will say goodbye to my first fostered child.  He has been with me for 5 months now - more than half his life - and it seems a good time to reflect on the whole fostering thing.

And what could be better, in this let-it-all-hang-out-on-the-internet age, than to reflect publicly, on a blog, for everyone to see?

There will be more to come, including stories of my forays through the minefield that is Children's Social Care, links to useful sites and blogs, tales of my progress through the notoriously overblown CWDC standards and plenty of more or less amusing anecdotes.

But for now, just let me say this.  He is in bed and I am happy!


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