Adventures Abroad

If you have been following the blog (hello follower!) or if you know me in real life, you will no doubt remember the trouble I've had getting a passport for the boy.

So, you will appreciate how delighted I was when the passport finally arrived and I was able to organise a last-minute trip to France to visit my family and feel a little like I've been on holiday. 

And here we are!  The flight over was blissful as the plane was mostly empty so the boy and I had a TRIPLE SEAT!  He has recently learned to stand up unaided and was pretty keen to spend the whole flight practising this new skill so the extra space was definitely a bonus.

The weather is not hot so we can't pretend we're on our summer jollies, but it is fine and clear and crisp, and we've been across the border to Germany and Switzerland several times, so the boy can claim to have visited four different countries before his first birthday. 

Of course, we have taken many pics of him in front of various signs that say welcome to the various countries.  Providing these kinds of pictorial markers is important for children who may be relying on sketchy third-hand information when they are older in order to piece together their past lives.  At least the boy will have plenty of baby photos and videos.

I'm going to make the most of this week because from the day we get back to England, the process of handing him back to his Mum will begin.  Everyone wants to know how I will feel when that happens.  I've no idea whatsoever, but I'll let you all know.


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