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I'm aware that this blog has never had so much as a single picture on it.  This is because I am not allowed to post pictures of the boys on the internet in order to preserve their anonymity.

So, I thought I'd liven the place up with a few shots of the boys' "art"!

This mixed media work is entitled "Out From The Crowd" and is by NB.  Notice how all the fish line up obediently except for the one pink sparkly fish above the others?  A moving comment on 21st century childhood I think :)

This is OB's work on the same theme.  We call it "Maelstrom"!

This final piece in today's gallery is by NB and is, as yet, untitled.  We would welcome your suggestions!


  1. What great work, the boys are already displaying lots of creativity in various ways. I love their musical renditions, you've never seen true rock and roll until you've seen the two rock-a-billies creating riffs and miming in the best traditions of rock stars, lol.
    What about 'Rochdale Skies' or 'Lightning Strikes' they reminded me of the rain you've been having so much of.
    Keep up the good work boys xxxxxxx

  2. I'd concur, that artwork is so creative and expressive. I love the line of fish! (and your interpretation!)


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