Good morning!

It's around 9am and the boys have been up for 90 minutes (yes, they're pretty civilised in the morning!).  Here is a summary of our morning activities so far:

  • playing with the cold water in the bathroom sink and complaining that it's cold!
  • pulling out all the play food and creating a hearty fake breakfast including lemons, pizza, slices of cheese and the ever popular toast
  • a car race in the hallway
  • breakfast (1.5 Weetabix, 1/2 banana, yoghurt)
  • OB insisting that I draw several 'nanos' (pianos), 'tars' (guitars) and men on his magnetic drawing board
  • OB handing out the toy guitars to everybody and insisting that we all play them while he dances
  • an impromptu concert in the hallway by NB, using the hoover's plug as a microphone
  • reading our Mr Tumble magazine (OB's favourite page is the advert for the Rastamouse magazine with a big red guitar on it!)
  • giving the blue guitar a kiss and a cuddle after OB bashed its 'head' on the table!
  • group readings of 'Pum' (Each Peach Pear Plum) and 'Ni-saw' (Usborne Touchy-Feely Dinosaurs) - we read each one twice and on every page of the Dinosaur one, the boys pretended that the dinosaurs were biting their fingers and I had to tell them off!  
  • a group reading of 'Maisy Tidies Up' - much yelling of "Cakes! Cakes!"
  • playing in the tent
As I write this, NB is playing with the annoying train ('Come on board the animal train la la la laaaaaaaa' etc etc) and OB is drumming.

And to think not so long ago I used to think I'd been hard done to if I had to get up before 9am!


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