It's a "Yes"!

We had word from NB's social worker today - the prospective adopter said "Yes"!

I must say, I'm thrilled!  Of course, it means that NB will be leaving us, but we'll cross that emotional bridge when we come to it.  In the meantime I'm delighted that they have secured what seems to be such a perfect match for NB; someone who has so many skills to meet his particular needs.

I've known that NB would be moving on to a forever family for so long now, and for months we've been preparing for an event that seemed nebulous and just out of reach.  Potty training, big boy bed, knives and forks, speech therapy work, manners, dressing, sharing - all these things already covered, or at least introduced by me so that NB's new Mummy won't have too many unwelcome surprises! 

It's challenging enough welcoming, accepting and raising an adopted child - I see it as part of my role to try to minimise the shock of the initial period by ironing out some of the more straightforward hiccups.  Maybe I can't put right all that has gone wrong in his life so far - that's a long-term project! - but at least I can make sure that NB knows how to take himself to the toilet!

And so we have dates for another of the major events that we'll be going through over the next few months.  OB's adoption order is done, we have the date for the Celebratory Hearing, we have tentative dates for NB's transition, and my big birthday will be on the same date as it is every year!  As for the house move . . . well, we're at the mercy of the builders there, but at least some of the pieces are starting to fall into place.


  1. fabulous news - hope it isnt a long wait until panel and it all goes ahead - you have a lot of big diary dates ahead - and very exciting ones - and a house move too - wow. it's all go!

  2. Brilliant news. So pleased for NB :-)


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