The Things You Do

My darling OB,

I've been thinking about treasured moments recently, and it has re-ignited this nagging feeling that these precious months and years are flying past way too quickly.  I look at you, still with your toddler's face, and roly poly baby arms and legs, and already I can see the boy, teenager and man you will become all too soon.  One day, when I am an old lady, and you are a grown man, making your own way, I'll look back on these days and wish I had recorded some of those little things that I hoped I would never forget.

So here we are.  These are the things that, right now, I love the most.

  • The way you yell "Mummy! Get up now!" from your cot each morning (sometimes very early in the morning!)
  • The way you hold your guitar like a real rock star, dancing and singing along to the soundtrack in your head
  • Your crinkly hands and feet
  • Your blue, blue eyes
  • The way your hair bobs about when you run, which is most of the time
  • The deep, growly laugh you do when you're excited about something
  • The way you sing "Shout your name, shout your name, oooooohhhhhh Dod!"
  • The fact that you call Playgroup 'Paypoop'
  • The little kiss you give me last thing before you go into your cot at night
  • The amount of cheese you eat
  • The way you are picky about what coat and shoes you want to wear
  • Your cheeky laugh
  • The way you roll your eyes to look up at the corner of the room when you're about to do something cheeky
  • The way you get excited about things, and look forward to things with such eagerness
  • Your beautiful manners and the cute way you say 'please' and 'thankyou'
  • The way you love babies, stroking them and bringing toys for them to play with
  • The way you say 'ma' instead of 'I' - "Ma do it!", "Ma sit on the chair!"
  • The way you kept coming to kiss my 'poorly back' and make it 'aaaaaall better'
  • How much you love Wallace and Grommit!
  • How much you love being outside and running around, even though it will mean quite a change for me to get used to being out there with you - more fresh air and exercise needed Mummy!
  • The way that if I say 'no' to something you want to do, you just reply "later?" and are completely fine with that
  • The way you count, saying "two, three, two, three", and "four, six, four, six" - there's plenty of time for one and five later
  • The way you won't settle in your bed until you have named all your blankets and got them snuggled over you - soft one, other one and big boy quilt
  • The way you kick off your blankets ten minutes later and then wake up cold in the night!
  • The little plastic cups of 'coffeetea' you bring to me in the mornings
  • The way you love your friends and name them every night when we say our prayers
  • The fact that you can entertain yourself for ages if I draw a drum kit on a piece of paper and give you two pencil 'drumsticks'
  • The way you say "A bit 'ot", "A bit 'ard", "A bit 'eavy", and best of all, when you called the strawberries "A bit tart"!
  • The way you tip all of your toys out of the boxes, and then line the boxes up along the floor and play trains with them
  • How much you enjoy books and reading
  • The cuddles we have at pyjama time
  • The way you love slopes and ramps and will happily run up and down them for ages
  • How observant you are
  • The way you love fruit and will eat that first off your lunch plate 
  • The way you cling to my leg when a dog comes past - I know we'll have to fix that dog thing, but for now it's nice to know that I am your safe port in a storm

And best of all, the way that all these moments are mine to treasure forever!


  1. This is really beautiful! OB is a lucky boy.

    1. Thanks Al :) Right now he changes and learns new things every week - seems so important to keep some record!

  2. So lovely! It all comes to life as I read this - enjoy all these things and the next list of things when it comes!

  3. Oh, that is such a lovely post of lovely things. Thank you for sharing it... xx

  4. So great! I too need to write the wonderful things down about my boy that I am in love with...great to look back on and lovely reminders for when the time is long gone. Or to read on those bad days! Thanks for the reminder and sweet little post:)


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