Turning 40

Apparently, life begins at 40.  I assume that when people say this they're talking about the kids being nearly grown and long-suffering parents getting their lives back.  Yeah, not so much in my case!

This has been a momentous year - a life-changing year.  I won't say my life is beginning at 40, because the 39 years that went before were too good to just write them off like that!  I'd rather say that in my case, life re-starts at 40.

In the year I turned 40, I got all grown up.  I got myself a beautiful, unexpected, treasured son.  I got myself a proper grown-up house.  I'm even thinking about getting a grown-up car.  Grown up indeed.

I'm getting myself a new mindset too.  After living for so long with only myself to be responsible for, I now find that someone else's future depends on mine.  I regularly catch myself thinking about various things I'll do with OB once he's old enough, and then I have to stop and remind myself that I'll be 50, 55 or 60 by then and might not be up to doing all those things myself!

In the run up to my birthday, several people who didn't know my age expressed shock that I was going to be 40 - apparently I don't look anything like as old as that.  Thank you all you lovely people for saying that!  But on the other hand, a complete stranger thought I was OB's gran the other day.  I'm not sure whether that was because I look so old or because the average age of grannies is getting lower! 

However I look at it though, I'm going to be an older mummy, and if I want to be able to do all the lovely things I've planned to do when OB is 'old enough', then I'm going to have to do something to make sure that I can keep up with him.

So, maybe this will be enough motivation to finally get on with all those healthy lifestyle changes I've been thinking about for years - maybe!


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