So, OB has been to Playgroup five times now.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • He told everybody at Playgroup that Mummy NEVER washes her car - completely true but still . . . !
  • He had a road rage incident while driving the little plastic cars - "No!  Silly people!  Cars on the road, people on the path!"  When the teacher asked him who says that, he replied, "Mummy!"  Thanks there littl'un!
  • He has treated the Playgroup teachers to one of his epic poos . . . in his pants of course!  I persevere with the underpants more in hope than expectation.
  • He has started calling his bottom his 'bum' or 'bum bum' instead.
  • When trying to put his shoes on the other day he declared the whole exercise "A bit tricky!"
  • He now says 'Mum' more often than 'Mummy' - this is a sad moment, although it's still 'Mummy' in the morning, as in "Mummy!  It's morning Mummy!  Get up Muuuuummmmmy!!!!"
  • He has started singing songs at home that I don't recognise, although Twinkle Twinkle features quite often which, thankfully, I do actually know.
  • He has run in through the doors every day without so much as a backward glance - so much for me worrying about how he'd settle in!
  • He has made a new friend, Eva, who he regularly demonstrates his affection for by bestowing enormous cuddles.  Thankfully, she doesn't seem to mind!
  • He is, if possible, even more bossy than before!

In other news, I have finally finished decorating his new bedroom - not so easy when done in 90-minute chunks to fit in with his bedtimes.  It looks great, complete with rocket ship rug and two special shelves to hold all his treasures and the lovely gifts he was given for his Celebration and Dedication.  Last night he slept in there for the first time and, despite my worries that we'd have some last minute wobbles at bedtime, he went straight into the new room without even a glance at his old one and settled down like a lamb, sleeping right through for the first time in over a week.  Lovely!


  1. Loved this post - made me smile! Our daughters call their bottom 'bum bum' even to the point where we have the 'bum bum' song now!

    Glad OB is settling in nicely, sounds like he has a good little personality.

    We are going to get the girls dedicated once adopted, any tips?


    1. Tips . . . oh crumbs I don't know. We kept the dedication itself pretty low key, but had a combined Celebration/Dedication party the day before, which seemed to work quite well.

  2. Fantastic! There were so many things that reminded me of our little fella and so many that made me think... "One day soon..." :)


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