Jane's Fruit Cake

It's been a while since I baked anything. What can I say? I'll blame it on the new baby because it's most certainly not that I'm getting bored with massive, expensive fruit cakes! Oh no, no, no, not at all!

This week, the interestingly-named Jane's Fruit Cake. I don't know why it's called that as Mary Berry doesn't furnish us with the information, but whether Jane was the creator of the cake, or had it named in her honour, she should feel pretty pleased as it's a good cake.

All these fruit cakes seem to be basically variations on a theme with one or two mystery ingredients thrown in. I am becoming used to wandering hopelessly around Tesco looking for some ingredient I've never bought (or sometimes even heard of!) before. This time it was buttermilk ... oh, and wholemeal self-raising flour - not so unusual perhaps, but not something I've ever needed before. I now have half a carton of buttermilk going off in my fridge. I definitely should have thought of something else to make that would have used it up, but it's not been that sort of a week!

I am delighted to say that this fruit cake looked almost the same as the original in the book, although not as artfully photographed of course. And it tasted good too. I tried it on my church group guinea pigs and more than half of it was gone in one evening. The rest didn't last long either.

Despite that, once it was gone, I took a look at the next few recipes in the book and my resolve wavered. I know I said I'd go through the book recipe by recipe in order, but I really am not sure that I can face the Boozy Fruit Cake that comes next, or the Pound Cake that comes after. I feel like I'm making one Christmas cake after another and I'm getting very keen to move on to something a little different.

Today though, after a decent pause, I'm looking at the book again that thinking the Pound Cake doesn't look so bad, and the Boozy Fruit Cake doesn't look as much like a Christmas cake as I thought.

So next time it might be more fruit, or it might be the Frosted Walnut Layer Cake that comes after, who knows?!


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