Forever Day 2014

About three weeks ago, while sitting next to me in the car (of course!), OB suddenly said,

"Mummy, why did I have a train cake when I was 'dopted?"

I was really taken aback. Not only was I shamefully under-prepared for adoption-related questions - although I've mentioned it many times, I was never aware that he was really taking it in - but I was also amazed that he would remember the design of the cake we had for his Adoption Celebration Party nearly a year ago now.

Yes, it's been a year already. We celebrated the adoption with friends and family in mid-May, after the Celebration Hearing had taken place, but actually, the official order was made on April 9th, almost two years to the day after OB had moved in with me.

Right up until a couple of days before, I was unsure how we'd mark the day. I felt that there was no way that OB would really understand what it meant - he doesn't even know what a 'year' is! But I also felt that it was important to mark the occasion somehow, and to lay down a precedent for future years, however our approach might change in the future.

So we began the day with a look at a photograph of the two of us with the judge at Family Court. OB was amused all over again by the funny wig. When I talked to him about the day and visiting the judge, he showed no sign of remembering, but later, when I said we were going to bake some cakes, he asked me if we were going to make a train cake, so there must have been some connection made.

Then we went off to gymnastics class, and OB had a mega nap afterwards! This was great, as it gave me opportunity to pick up the present that had been delivered to a neighbour while we were out, and wrap it up for him. He's been getting excited about car transporters recently, so the triple-decker one I'd got was a massive success!

We finished the day with a trip to the park, and baking and decorating cupcakes together.

A low-key day. But special for us nonetheless.

Happy Forever Day to us! Here's to many more!


  1. How great that we have had the joy of OB for so long, before and after his adoption, when he officially became a family member 12 months ago it was a real blessing for us. It's been heart warming to see him growing into a lovely, loving and kind little boy. We still tear up when we think about a Skype conversation with him when he looked at us for a minute and then said," I think I've missed you a bit" what a sweetheart he is. xxx


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