Not quite as advertised!

I am sitting within easy reach of all my internet-enabled devices today because I am anxiously waiting for an email to tell me that the Agency Decision Maker has signed off on the adoption panel's recommendation in favour of BG's adoptive placement.

I have no reason to believe the answer will be anything other than 'yes', but we are now at the end of the third week after the panel made their recommendation, and this is the last possible day for the ADM notification. We are due to start intros on Monday.

"Why leave it so last minute?" I hear you ask. I really don't know. I'm aware that other LAs get it done much quicker than this but, as with so many things, time scales vary enormously from area to area.

So, I have a bag of intro materials waiting - photos, scent items, DVD - and I'm chomping at the bit, waiting to get them out and, at last, begin the process of introducing BG to the people who she will be living with in just over a week. I hope the scent items still have scent after over a fortnight sealed in a plastic bag!

Meanwhile, BG has gone totally off plan. It's only a few short weeks since I met her prospective adopters and lauded her as practically the most perfect, easy-going baby that has ever lived. In the meantime, things have started happening in her gums. Anybody who has been through teething with their little one will know that this horrible experience can turn the most placid child into a touchy, grumpy, wailing mess.

So now, the cuddly bedtime bottle has turned into a nightly battle - a major struggle to get a couple of ounces down. If she was staying longer I'd probably switch to a cup as part of the problem is that BG is fighting sleep so doesn't want to lie down quietly and suck. These are two activities guaranteed to bring on a pleasant slumber and so must be avoided at all costs if the fun and playing are to continue!

Thankfully, once in her cot, she still obediently snuggles up and goes off to sleep but her previous 10-11 hours of unbroken sleep are now a thing of the past. She's waking up regularly during the night, uncomfortable and a bit tetchy. The milk feed that used to happen at 5-6am can now be demanded anywhere from 2am onwards in part because of the lack of a filling bedtime feed. Teething is making her fill her nappy more often with toxic contents that must be dealt with immediately. Any sneaky night-time poo results in an appalling sore bottom. More discomfort, more waking.

In the daytime, her usually sunny, smiling nature is occasionally now replaced by inconsolable wailing, fist sucking, dribbling and proper full-on tanting. She is in pain and discomfort and, like anyone else, she responds by going to the edge of her emotional scale and teetering on it.

None of this is really a problem for me. I feel sad for her because teething is horrible, but I know it will soon be over (until the next lot at least!) and, despite everything, she really is mostly easy-going and a delight to have around. But we have an intense week ahead of us, and I can't help feeling that BG's new parents won't have the pleasure of experiencing BG at her best for a while at least.

Silly teeth. We've waited ages for you and now you're arriving with the worst possible timing!


  1. I've not lived through teething but from what I've seen it is horrid for all involved, especially little one. I'm sure it's adding a little bit of pressure as you anticipate the week ahead, however, I know you will super amazing at reassuring new parents, even with BG being grizzly. Good luck


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