A Little Help From My Friends

I spoke to a friend on the phone the other week. It was just an innocuous conversation, but part way through I found myself telling her about an 'incident' that had occurred in our house that day.

The conversation that followed was everything I could have wanted from someone in my support network. Here's why:

  • She did not freak out
  • She listened to what I had to say, without judgement
  • She acknowledged what had happened and did not try to brush it off with a dismissive 'all kids do that' sort of comment
  • She did not try to defend the indefensible 
  • She acknowledged my feelings about it all
  • She asked me a few open questions with a view to heading towards a plan
  • She let me work out the plan for myself, out loud, while making the odd encouraging noise
  • She expressed full support for the plan, and promised to check in with me to see how it was going
  • She urged me to speak to her any time about it, and reassured me that it was right for me to be supported while I do what I have to do

It isn't rocket science but it's what every parent needs from time to time, especially parents and carers of children with additional needs of all kinds.

Daily, I find myself giving thanks for my support network. They walk this road with me in all kinds of ways and I couldn't do it without them.


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