National Adoption Week: Friday

I wanted to end the week on a bang, bringing some insightful, incisive comment to my last blog of our National Adoption Week.

Truth is, I'm too tired.

Parenting is tiring. Single parenting is tiring. Adoptive parenting is tiring. It's a triple whammy of tiring. Daily visits to our imminent new arrival have complicated the latter part of the week, and my support network has once again proved outstanding in their kindness and flexibility on our behalf.

Today, OB helped me to tidy and clean the playroom. He watched me clean for quite a while, unwilling to get involved, but when I went upstairs to clear out the nursery bedroom, he secretly set to work. I came back down to find all the toys away, the sofa cleared of debris, and even the scattered shoes neatly lined up against a cupboard.

He was proud of himself; proud because he was helping to get ready for the baby.

And maybe this is as near to a meaningful message as I'll get. Our national adoption week has been a mix of cuddles and CAMHS, normality and therapy, rushing and waiting, closeness and conflict . . . just like any other week. There are stunning highs and crushing lows, and sometimes both on the same day. If I ever feel tempted to get lost in the lows, I can look at OB and remember that my boy once voluntarily tidied a room for a baby he loved, even though he hardly knew him.


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