Ten Things I Love About You...

This is just to say, because I think it does need saying, that despite all mine and OB's challenges and our interesting moments (and hours and days), and despite all the things the therapists say, and despite the path being rockier than I imagined, and the destination uncertain . . . despite it all, regardless of it all, if I had the choice again, I'd do the same. No regrets.

1. Your Feet

I've always loved your feet, since you were a tiny wee thing. Even now you are older and they are considerably bigger and more slender, they are still impossibly crinkly underneath and cute beyond cute.

2. Your Game Face

Eyebrows furrowed, total concentration; that's your game face. I see it when you're painstakingly piecing together those pesky phonemes to create words, when you're winning on the final lap in Beach Buggy Racers, and, most of all, when you're playing football, fighting to control your wayward limbs and keep the ball glued to your boots.

3. Your Courage

For other people watching your swimming lessons over the years, courage might not have been the first word that came to mind, but I know the courage it has taken you to keep going, week after week, despite sometimes infinitesimal progress. Last week, when you raised your hand for the opportunity to dive down to get the brick, I nearly burst with pride.

4. Your Jokes

Despite all your efforts, your jokes are terrible. I love them anyway.

5. Your Approach to Being a Brother

The two of you are not immune to scrapping, arguing and, sometimes, full on fighting, but Birdy couldn't have asked for a better brother than you. From the moment she arrived you have loved her, nurtured her, protected her and comforted her. I hope your relationship will be a gift to each other as you grow up together.

6. Your Cuddles

Thankfully, there are plenty of these and I love every single one of them.

7. Your Generosity

It's hard for any little boy to give things away, and even harder for one who has had so much taken from him. You have a generous heart, OB. It often wins out, despite your struggles, and it's a delight to see.

8. Your Panache

Whether it's choosing clothes for the day, or choosing colours for your latest creation, you have your own, very individual ideas about what looks and feels right. I may wince at your red pants and orange t-shirt combo, but I love it nonetheless.

9. Your Excitement

You stand at the front door in the cold waiting for your friends to come, jump up and down and do a happy dance at the mention of good news. Your excitement is infectious, funny, and endearing, expressing itself in your whole body.

10. Your Smile

From the wide open-mouthed smile of your toddlerhood to today's shy head tilt with just a glimpse of 'big boy teeth', your smile is, to resort to cliche, the sunshine in my day.


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