Lazy Saturdays

Time was when Saturdays were an awesome day of the week - staying late in bed, a bit of Saturday Morning Kitchen while getting up followed by Football Focus over lunch and then the rest of the day to do as I pleased.

That was in the old days, when I actually went out to work!

Now, Saturdays are rapidly becoming my least favourite day of the week.

You see, most of my days are spent thinking up things to do with the boys so that they don't drive me (and each other) crazy cooped up in the house.  On weekdays there are contact visits, Sure Start activities, stay and play groups, and so on.  Perfect.  We usually managed to punctuate every day with something worthwhile, fun and, most importantly, out of the house!

Not Saturdays though. On Saturdays, all the usual possibilities don't exist, and instead we are doomed to fight with the rest of the population for what is left.  Shopping?  No thank you.  Even when I was working full time I preferred to do my shopping in the middle of the night rather than brave Tesco on a Saturday afternoon.  Kids' play places?  Also no.  On Saturdays they are packed with school-age kids that would  terrify my two little ones.

In fact, every place you could go on a Saturday is the same.  Even at the park, there's practically a queue to have a go in the giant wooden bus.  And on a wet Saturday it's even worse.  It must be appalling for those who work and have kids in childcare or school who are trying to fit everything in over the weekend while still having some sort of semblance of 'quality time'.

Thankfully, something nearly always comes up.  Today, we visited a Charity Fair at a local church.  Indoors, warm, and brimming with tasty goodies on all the homebake stalls.  We got some yummy biscuits and scones, as well as some lovely toddler-age books and rock bottom prices, all the while helping out local charities.  And best of all we got out of the house and spent some time with some lovely people.

And then we got home, had lunch and were all ready for a nap!  Perfect!

Busy Saturdays are the new lazy Saturdays :)


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