Potty Predicament!

We went on a very special shopping trip today.  Yes, despite my recent vociferous protestations that NB wouldn't be ready to start anything remotely resembling toilet training for months yet, I have relented and bought a nifty little Mickey Mouse potty.

It has already caused a riot in the house - should definitely have bought two!

I must admit I'm dreading the whole toilet training thing and was very much hoping that NB would be moved on somewhere before we got to it.  From what I've seen other people go through it doesn't look like a fun time for the family, and all of this will be compounded for us since NB's lack of speech makes it pretty difficult for him to communicate what he wants, and equally difficult for me to be certain that he's understood what I've been saying to him.

So why the change of heart?  Well I've been doing the "Is your child ready for toilet training?" checklists and feeling pretty certain that NB was nowhere near ready, until suddenly, in the last couple of days, he's started to show a quite acute awareness of the state of his nappy. 

Quite often, NB does a poo in the bath - evidence as far as I was concerned that toilet training was not yet on the cards.  But the other evening, he stood in the bath as if he wanted to do a poo, but shouting and pointing to his bottom without doing anything.  I asked him if he needed a poo and he said yes, so I put him on the toilet but he didn't do anything.  So I asked him if he wanted a nappy on and he said yes and let me put one on, but still didn't do anything. 

Now, here is a good example of my problem.  Did I interpret his behaviour in the bath properly?  Did he understand my questions?  He didn't do a poo at the time or even later, so it's possible that the whole episode was nothing to do with that!  NB has a habit of saying yes to everything.  Here's a good example:

ME: Can you say drink?
NB: Yes.
ME: You say drink.
NB: Yes.
ME: You say it.
NB: Yes.
ME: Drink, drink!
NB: Yes.

So, if it had just been that one moment in the bathroom, I would have thought no more about it but then, yesterday, he twice asked me to take his nappy off - once when he had done a poo and once when it was pretty wet and full.  This is what tipped me over the edge towards the momentous decision of buying our first potty.

So, we are embarking on uncharted territory as far as we are concerned anyway.  Any contributions of personal experiences (good, bad and humorous!) would be much appreciated!


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