Sharing the love makes it grow!

We're just back from a two-week holiday in France with my parents and it was absolutely lovely!  The sun shone, the pool was warm and inviting and the 'hotel' was 6 star quality!

The best part, though, was sharing the boys with someone else.  Far be it from me to ever imply that caring for the boys is anything but a pleasure and a joy, but sometimes, when I'm at home with them on my own, their foibles and tantrums become magnified to such a point that it often seems like days have gone by since anything fun happened.

Not so when doting 'grandparents' are around.  Watching my parents cooing over their cute antics, marvelling at NB's bravery in the pool and OB's daily word acquisitions, and looking out for ways to create fun times all conspired to remind me what utter treasures these little ones are.

And having someone else share the early mornings, mealtime woes and occasional tantrums didn't hurt either!


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