Please Please Please!

Right now, even as I am writing this, two social workers are at the other side of the country meeting a person who might soon become NB's Mummy!

And all I can think is please, please, please!

Please let the social workers make the trip safely and get there on time.
Please let them remember all the wonderful things about NB that I've been telling them.
Please let them be articulate and passionate when they describe him to this stranger.
Please let her be able to see past the story on the paperwork and appreciate the wonderful complexity of his personality that can't be conveyed in words alone.
Please let the DVD that I have made work properly in the player!
Please let a searching heart be touched and opened up.
Please let her realise that her experiences and skills are so suited to his particular needs.
Please let her have that rush of emotion, that call in her heart, that tells her that he is 'for her'.

Please, please, please let my social workers come back tonight knowing that they have found The One for NB.


  1. Oh how I have everything crossed for you and NB. It must be really hard waiting to find out how that meeting has gone. Please keep us posted, your journey has me hooked, think it's because you write so well.

    Thanks for joining in the Weekly Adoption Shout Out.x

    Please would you e-mail me at I'd like to ask you about something.

  2. Another one here with everything crossed for NB. I hope you have positive news when you hear from the social workers.

    Thanks for linking up to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

  3. Oh Man, my heart is in my MOUTH! Mx

  4. I hear those pleases too - and really hope that they have found the right one to be for NB. xx

  5. How exciting and completely nerve wracking! Hoping for the best:) Keep us posted!

  6. My pleases are joined with yours for NB to find a new forever family. He so deserves it and you have done a wonderful job whilst he has been in your care. Looking forward to hearing good news later today. xxxx

  7. Thanks for all your comments everybody . . . she said YES!!!!


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