Cracking Our Toilet Code

It's Foster Care Fortnight so really I should be posting something heartfelt and yet insightful about fostering, but after surviving our recent camping trip relatively unscathed, together with all the effort of packing/unpacking/packing/unpacking that comes with it, not to mention a massive laundry pile, I just really don't have the energy.

So, yeah, fostering is great - you should definitely give it a go. That's all I've got.

In the meantime, here is a handy list of things that the urgently uttered phrase "I need a wee!!" might really mean in our house these days:

I really need to distract you!

I don't like the way this conversation is going!

I don't want to sit at the table to eat my meal!

I don't want to do what you just told me to do!

I'm hoping the implicit threat of wet pants will make you stop the whole 'time-in' thing immediately!

I want to get out of the pram!

I want to get out of the car seat!

I don't want to go wherever you want me to go!

I really want to sabotage someone else's attempt to have a wee because it's a competition of course!

I was hoping this strategy would work but forgot I already had my bedtime nappy on!

Very occasionally it might also be a signifier that somebody actually does want a wee, but I've never yet been wrong in predicting when that actually is the case. So if you see me out and about, adamantly refusing to let a cherub-faced toddler go to the toilet despite insistent requests, please don't call Social Services!


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