Boys' Toys

Have bought the boys two new 'toys' this week and I'm well pleased with both of them.

The first is this Tommee Tippee cup:

Available at Amazon, although I got mine from Tesco!

It has a rubbery bottom so it doesn't slide about, and rubbery handles so little OB can tip it up enough to drink even when it's full and heavy.  The spout is valved and doesn't leak even when you tip it up and shake it about - perfect for two boys who love nothing better than to shake out their drinks all over their high-chair trays.  I've carried it about in the bottom of a bag with the lid on several times and no sign of a leak.

I've tried quite a few cups up to now and this is the first I've had that OB can actually use and is reliably leak-free :)

The second is this snack holder:

Available on Amazon for a good price

There are lots of these available from different manufacturers and I'm sure each one is as good as the other.  I'd never seen such a thing before and I bought them on the off-chance that they would actually work.  They do!  No cheerios on the carpet at all!  And best of all, the boys think they're a toy and are happily kept amused for ages with a tiny handful of cheerios as they practise getting them out and shake the pot while running round the room.  Anything that keeps the boys happy for a few minutes and doesn't make an enormous mess is a winner with me!


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