My Day

Get up, breakfast, coffee.

"Get down off the radiator"

"Get down off the television"



"We don't stand on our toys"

"We don't throw our toys!"

"We don't poke our toys into each other's mouths!"

Snack time.

"Stop lying on him"

"Don't squash him - you're hurting him"

"When he's crying it means he doesn't like it!"


Visit to the shops to buy new coats.

"Get down off the radiator"

"Get down off the television"


Take time out to tend to injury.

"He's playing with that - choose a different toy"

"We don't snatch toys"

"If you touch his toy again I'm putting you in your chair!!"


Nappy change.

"Right, come on boys, sleep time now."

Half-hour walk in the pram.

"Why aren't you asleep?!!"

Half-hour drive in car.

Peace for 90 minutes :)

"Stop lying on him!"

"We DO NOT lie on each other!"

"Get down from the radiator"

"Get down from the television"

"If I have to come and get you down myself, there'll be trouble!"

"We don't stand on our toys!"

"We don't use our toys as weapons!"

"What have you got in your mouth?"

"Where did you find THAT?!"

Tea time.

"Don't play with the shelf"

"Stop pulling the shelf off the bookcase"

"Leave the shelf - you'll hurt yourself!"

Time out to tend to injuries and search for the missing shelf-support thingies.

Bath time - aka drown time!





  1. Lol!! Jan gave me a book called What Mothers Do - it talks about how you never seem to actually achieve anything when you're seemingly at home doing not very much with little ones. When in reality, buying coats without major incident is in fact in itself a massive achievement! Well done!! You're doing an amazing job xx


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