Adoption Panel Day!

Well, I'm brimful of excitement today as I went before the adoption/matching panel this morning and they approved me as an adopter and also approved my match with OB!  Hooray!!

I must say I was pretty nonchalant about it beforehand as my adoption social worker had reassured me several times that I had an excellent application and it would really be a formality, but I surprised myself by being pretty emotional when I actually got into it.

At one point they were lamenting that they didn't have a better photograph of us on file and I said, light-heartedly, "Well, I can assure you that he's beautiful!"  And as I said it my tear ducts got away from me and went and did a brimful thing of their own!  Not only that, but OB's social worker went suspiciously pink and started doing some surreptitious dabbing as well!

OB is beautiful, and pretty soon he's going to be my beautiful SON!  I've already downloaded the application form that I have to send off to get our adoption order and after that it's just a case of waiting for the court date to be assigned.

I must say that, as with all my other panel experiences, I found this morning very positive and encouraging.  The panel members were wonderfully forthcoming with compliments, praise and their best wishes for us and hearing all of their comments only made me more thrilled and excited about the whole thing.

OB woke up early from his nap this afternoon, so we sat on my bed for a snuggle and looked out of the window at the hills and the lights and the sunset and I told him that he was no accident and even before he was born he was picked out to be my special son and be loved and wanted always.  I think he understood.


  1. Yay! So happy for you and OB. He will be a very lucky child to have you for his mother! :)

    1. Thanks Al :) The nearer it gets, the more real it seems and the more excited I am!

  2. Oh Beck,
    We are so thrilled, you kept that quiet, didn't even realise it was today, but that's another milestone reached.

    I've had a big smile ever since I saw your FB post. How blessed are we to have this little one in the family (very soon now I hope), he's already brought us so much joy and we love him to bits, his Mum as well of course. Just 2 weeks before we see you all for Christmas, this one is going to be even more special.
    Love you xxxxx Love Mum xxxxx

    1. Exciting isn't it!!!! Can't wait for our trip!

  3. Well you just made me fill up to overflowing Becky (not that it takes much) but I am so very very pleased for you and I know that you and OB are going to make a lovely family and not just for you two but for others who are brought into your lives. Lesley xx

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you NPJM - I've been enjoying reading your blog :)


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