OB is 2!

This week we celebrated a birthday I never thought I'd see, and it was a complete delight!

To commemorate the occasion I thought I'd make a cake in the shape of OB's favourite thing - a guitar.  In preparation, I went on the internet and researched other guitar-shaped cakes, finding out how different bakers had created the shape and what they had used for their decorations.  Lots of methods were shown, including baking one huge cake and cutting out the shape with a knife (!!) as well as baking lots of little cakes and assembling it bit by bit.

I found these tutorials so helpful that I thought I'd write my very own guitar-shaped cake tutorial.  Here's how it goes:

1.  Go to 'Sugar Flair Cakes' in Oldham and hire a guitar-shaped baking tin for £1.50
2.  Bake cake.
3.  Roll out fondant icing and throw it over the cake.
4.  Add bit of decoration and you're basically done!

Hope that was helpful! :)

I used marshmallows for the tuning pegs, and strawberry laces for the strings, held in place with bits of mikado biscuits!  It's not cake-shop quality, but OB was pretty happy with it :)


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