Pulling Teeth

I just need to get this off my chest.

I needed to change the bank account that my foster carer payments and expenses are paid into, so early last week I phoned the number on my remittance slip that promises help with questions and problems.

Shock!  The person on the other end couldn't answer my question or deal with my problem.  So I was passed through no less than four other departments before finally arriving at a place where, yes, the woman who does that job does work there and could help me, but not for a week as she was on leave.

Yet again, that thing where when one person goes on leave and whole areas of fundamental importance are just left gathering dust.

So, I took the name and number of the lady I needed and, loins sufficiently girded, I phoned back this Monday when I was told she would be there.

The person who answered the phone told me that she had never heard of the person I was asking for and was sure that nobody of that name worked in their department.

Now, I'm not one for conspiracy theories but you have to wonder what's happened to that woman!

Yet again I was put on hold while they figured out who I should be speaking to, and was passed around a few more departments before landing with somebody who said that if I emailed the new bank details, she'd get it sorted out.

I emailed.

The next day I got a reply from somebody entirely different explaining that they can't accept this information in the body of an email for security reasons, but that if I wrote and signed and scanned a letter to that effect and sent it by email, they might be able to sort it out.

And in the meantime she would PUT A HOLD ON ALL PAYMENTS!

Does that seem sensible?!

She was also at great pains to point out that this really wasn't her job.  Scanning down the email, I saw that it had been to two other people before it had landed on her desk (with my original email suitably redacted, thankfully).

I'm not normally one for being super-quick at admin, but you can be sure I wrote, signed, scanned and sent that letter in double-quick time!  It's not like I can stand to have what is effectively my salary payment put on hold indefinitely.

Looking forward to an email tomorrow explaining why what I've done still isn't right and as a result they've decided to send me to jail, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred pounds.

There.  I feel much better for that.


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