Toilet Training Round 2

It was last October when I started toilet training NB, and to be honest, long slog though it has been, it's gone pretty well.  Now he can take himself to the potty, and manage his own pants down and then up.  We hardly ever have an accident and, apart from a few night-time shenanigans (he likes to take his pull-ups off and wee all over the bed!) the washing machine has returned to its previous level of usage.

So, now it's time to start with OB!  I intended to do this just after he turned two as he was showing signs of being ready, but things kept getting in the way - he had a stomach upset, then we went on holiday, then another stomach thing, and then I just couldn't seem to find a couple of days together where we weren't going to be busy and out and about.

Well, after a highly successful SOGS assessment last week I've decided to stop waiting for those elusive free days and just get on with it!  OB scores above his age for everything, and well above for most things, so toilet training should be well within our capabilities, right?

Today is officially The Day.  I got him up this morning and put him in his big boy pants that I've been tantalisingly showing to him for quite a while now.  We read our special book about using the potty and then I got the wipes, towels and cloths out.

Already I can see that it's going to be completely different with OB than it was with NB.  For a start, NB would sit on his potty for ages in a very compliant way, waiting for that wee wee to find its way out.  Not so much with OB.  He prefers to jump up every two seconds and see if it is there!

We have had a 0% success rate as far as the potty goes so far, and two changes of pants.  Encouragingly, the second time he wet himself, he did come running over pointing to his pants and shouting "Hot! Hot!"  Hmmmm . . . some work on appropriate language is obviously required!

At nap time, he managed to delay his sleep by at least ten minutes by insisting he needed a poo and then trying every potty in the house, as well as the toilet.  He didn't actually do a poo though.  He's a sharp little fella!  In the end I had to send him to bed, despite protestations of "Wee wee! Poo!" so here's hoping I'm not confronted by a full-scale cot mess when I go up later to get him!

My beautiful baby boy looks quite different with his little bottom in big-boy pants instead of a bulky nappy.  Growing  up - I never thought I'd see it, and now it feels like it's really gathering pace.


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