Where OB draws things that look like things!

"Look Mummy!  A rocket!"

"That's a brilliant rocket.  What are you drawing now?"

"Wallace and Gromit in the rocket."

"They're going to the moon, Mummy."

"Mummy! Come here Mummy!  It's a dolphin!"

Well, maybe the last one is stretching it a bit, but I can see a dolphin (or maybe a whale) in there :)


  1. Yes, they are amazing moments. We know just how prior you are feeling. We are currently marvelling at faces. Just squidgy circles with dots in but they are definitely faces. Of mummy, daddy and the little one. They wouldn't get you very far on Crimewatch but they are very clearly faces.

    On, and we have a whale too. It is just a slightly squished sort of Ichthus sign but it is a whale. An albino on. With a sore back. Ow! With sunburn! I blame the Octonauts.

    Such little moments and such little pleasures. But they do make the heart flutter and the spirit soar, don't they.

  2. Prior? Proud! Curse you predictive spellcheck!


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