A Boy's Best Friend

Years ago, my friend and I liked to share a little dream. The two of us would be walking around a local countryside park, pushing our children along in prams. Those children would grow up to be best friends and we would share many a cup of coffee together while our children played.

It was a bittersweet dream at the time as neither of us looked likely to be having children any time soon, for different reasons. We would say it to each other during tough times, trying to manufacture hope. I've never asked my friend but I had a deep certainty that, at least on my part, this dream would never come true.

Now, more than ten years later, my friend is mum and stepmum to four wonderful children. When her daughter was born, we made sure to go up to that country park and push the pram around for all we were worth! A couple of years later, her son came along, and we did the same. I may not have been pushing my own pram, but I was genuinely delighted to have become 'aunty' to these two gorgeous little ones.

And now I have OB, and my own pram (although he's outgrown it now!). Sometimes, when we take our children out to the park, I choke up as I remember how we dreamed of such a simple thing without any real hope of realising the dream.

There is a 14 month age gap between my friend's little boy and OB. When they were younger, this was a big enough gap to make genuine friendship a little difficult to achieve, but as they get older, this gap seems to get smaller and smaller.

Last Friday, we all met up at my friend's house and baked bread. Then we shared a cup of coffee while our children played together.

Living the dream!


  1. Pickle's MummyMarch 10, 2014 at 6:40 AM

    What a lovely blog. I am so pleased that you finally got to share that coffee while your children played together :-)

  2. Dreams do come true cos God gives us the desires of our hearts - which he put there in the first place :)

  3. Aw ...you made me cry!! Thanks for a lovely blog x


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