The No-Fun Mum

Currently I'm going through a phase of being The No-Fun Mum. These phases come and go, usually linked to how button-pushing OB is being at any given time and how tired I am. Currently, with the combination of a long-lasting, heavy cold and, no doubt, the loss of all the fun of Mamy and Papy's recent visit, OB's button-pushing is at an all-time high. We're pretty full on with the tiredness too as Baby Girl still feeds late at night and very early in the morning, and OB seems to think that 5.45am is a perfectly fine time to get up and be full of beans.

No-Fun Mum is:

  • short on patience
  • intolerant of incessant chatter and noise
  • overwhelmed by the many things that need to be done
  • sick of repeating herself
  • frustrated at having her attempts to return to Fun Mum thwarted by challenging behaviour
  • short on the mental energy needed to think up fun things to do
  • unwilling to sit on the floor and play cars endlessly
  • tired of nearly all her conversations being administrative or disciplinary in nature
  • alarmed by how frequently she says "No!" and "Stop!"
  • even more alarmed by how frequently these instructions are ignored
  • irritated when OB is hideously tired all afternoon and evening because he got up so ridiculously early again
  • not the mum I wanted to be

Still, the weather forecast for the weekend is apparently good so here's hoping for some cobweb-blowing outdoor days in the garden and out on long walks to revive Fun Mum. I know she's in there!


  1. Those times feel really rubbish! You're not alone in it though. I've just been there again recently but as my 3 are getting older they're getting quicker at responding to my clamp-down response to their shenanigans sometimes. Also, I'm getting more effective in my clamping down with experience. It's a good job motherhood doesn't come with a try-before-you-buy! ;) x

    1. Thank you! I can't believe how many encouraging comments I've had in response to this post already - makes me feel much more cheerful to know that I'm not the only one!

  2. I recognise myself in that list too. However, no matter how lacking on fun you feel, I know you are still doing an amazing job at being mum and the fact that you are there is what's important. All mothers everywhere will have times when they feel devoid of fun, i'm sure it's impossible to be up beat all the time. I think it's more realistic for our children to experience our different moods so they know it's ok to have off days, and just think how much you will both enjoy it when the a little bit of fun returns. Bet it will be soon. xx

    1. Thank you Sarah x I'm looking forward to that day!


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