Baby Girl's Eyes: An Update

Just over a month ago I wrote about our concerns over Baby Girl's visual development. At her 8-week check, the GP had noted that she was not fixing or tracking, and in the days and weeks that followed my Health Visitor and I had become convinced that something was seriously wrong, so a referral to orthoptics was made.

The day that I published that post, I received many messages in person, on Twitter and on Facebook offering support, reassurance and promises of prayer. I was grateful for each and every one of these. Many people were keen to hear all about the eye appointment, and now it has happened and I'm ready to give an update.

This post has been a long time coming. I have known for a while what the outcome of the eye appointment would be, but I wanted to wait until the orthoptist confirmed it before I shared it.

Because, you see, the morning after I posted about our concerns, the morning after so many people responded with prayer, I woke up to find that Baby Girl was already awake in her basket next to my bed. I leaned over to look at her and she looked directly into my eyes and laughed.

She had never, ever done that before.

From that day on, she has been looking at everything, noticing everything, making eye contact, smiling and laughing. She fixes and tracks like a good 'un. She watches the TV, reaches out for the toys on her play gym and seems in every respect like a normal four-month-old.

People who don't see her that often are commenting on the very obvious changes. Some who had held back from mentioning their concerns earlier are now admitting that they thought something wasn't right, and are amazed at the difference.

The orthoptist not only confirmed that her eyesight seems absolutely fine, but in fact commented that her visual development seems more like that of a six-month-old.

For myself, I'm delighted to be able to cross off one of Baby Girl's uncertainties on a long list. Hope to be crossing off a lot more!


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