Yes, My Baby Is Cute!

Though I say it myself, my son is very cute. He was a very cute baby and even now, at three and a half, strangers still comment on his cuteness. He has large, deep blue eyes, framed by lashes that would make a grown woman envious. Then there's the button nose, the thick hair that jumps about when he runs, the winning smile. It's a perfect package really.

I know for sure that he is a better-looking boy than I ever would have made with my own genes! While our colouring is similar, he lacks my generously-proportioned nose, and his frame, very much unlike mine, is slender, tall and healthy-looking.

Baby Girl is also outrageously beautiful. Even as a newborn, everybody commented on how gorgeous she was, and she just seems to get more lovely with each day. Her blue eyes are enormous, her skin is smooth and clear and her light dusting of hair feels like velvet. Now she has got the hang of smiling, she bestows an extravagant grin on everyone whose face passes her field of vision. While we were out for lunch today, she literally drew a crowd.

Now it's not that I'm all about looks. Anybody who has ever witnessed my total lack of interest in fashion, make-up, jewellery or even the occasional haircut will know that. No. There is much more than cuteness to value in both of the children.

But when you are out and about, it is the cuteness that draws attention and comments. And I've recently realised that my responses to these comments may be coming across a little, well, boastful!

You see, if I had created, say, a painting, and everybody was saying how wonderful it was, then I would probably respond in a modest way. I might look embarrassed, thank them but play it down, try to deflect. If I was biologically responsible for the appearances of either of the children, then I might respond in a similar way when a stranger commented on their awesomeness.

But I don't.

No. What actually happens is that someone will comment that one of them is cute and I will wholeheartedly agree and then go on to list other aspects of their cuteness that the commenter might have missed.

Like this:

Stranger: Oh, isn't she beautiful!
Me: Yes! Look at those eyes! And she has the most gorgeous smile!

This works ok in conversations with friends who know the status of OB and BG. Then, we have a mutual understanding that we are both speaking objectively. But with strangers, I am aware that it just comes across as shameless boasting about my children, and, by proxy, bigging myself up for having apparently produced two such perfect specimens! Sometimes, even worse, I actually initiate the "Isn't he gorgeous?!" conversation spontaneously. It's only because, especially with OB, I'm still existing in a state of wonderment that this is my actual son! But still, it's Very Bad Form!

So, I've been practising a more measured response:

Stranger: Oh, isn't she beautiful!
Me: Yes! I think so, but then I'm biased.

What do you think? Better?


  1. Funny.
    We have had comments but I sometimes think people are fishing for info as a few of the wee ones are clearly not our genetic offspring, if you know what I mean. Still it's a great feeling.

    1. I suspect I will get more of that as I get older and older and my fostered children are all still babies and toddlers, especially as OB will be getting older too. For now, everyone assumes that BG is OB's sister - they often talk to him about her, and not me, which I find weird! He doesn't really know what a sister is, so he just goes along with it.

  2. I know the feeling. Our little boy is outrageously adorable too. I may be biased but I am also right! I completely flush with pride every time someone comments on how cute he is. Being a parent, I guess!

  3. Hands up, I'm guilty of that too. In fact I'm embarrassed to say that I have just today said in my WASO post how handsome my son is in his new interview clothes (you're a long way away from that I know!). It is so much easier to say when you know you can't take any credit for it at all!

  4. Biological or adopted, it seems we are all a little bias with our kids:) Lovely little post, thank you. And Jonathan, man is he cuuuute!!!

  5. We keep saying how cute Sqk is. And as one of my prep group Mums commented - no way could we all have produced such beautiful children. Ok we are all a bit biased but they are all gorgeous.

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