Where We've Been

It's been a while since I blogged, and we've had a busy old time. With a family trip to the south coast planned, it seemed an ideal time to fit in a visit to NB - an overnight stay this time. It was fantastic to see him and K again - he is growing up so well, and his speech is really improving. It felt strange but wonderful to hear him talking in complete sentences, especially in his marvellously refined southern accent!

In fact, the trip went so well that K insisted that we make a return visit the following weekend as we travelled north again. I've blogged before about her incredible generosity as an adoptive mum, and she demonstrated this lovely heart again as she opened her home not only to me, OB and BG, but also to my parents. We had a whale of a time (although sadly shortened by the awful delays on the journey up from the coast) and I'm only sorry that I didn't have enough presence of mind to take any photos where the boys weren't identifiable!

In between we spent a relaxing week in a beautiful bungalow on the south coast with my parents. A well-deserved break for all of us . . . well, not so much for my parents who bore the brunt of the early mornings and nappy changes for the duration! It was another opportunity for OB to spend time with his south coast relatives, especially the huge gang of beautiful girl cousins among whom he seemed quite the novelty!

The weather was good enough, even warm and sunny on some days, and we made it to the beach pretty much every day. I was very proud to see my son overcoming his terrible fear of the water to dip his feet into the rock pools and search for crabs. He couldn't be persuaded anywhere near the proper sea, but that's an adventure for another time.

I was also won over by the pebbly beach. Sure you can't make sandcastles on it, but frankly, the pleasure of eating uncontaminated picnics, and simply packing your things away at the end of the day without a mass sand-removal exercise made up for it! Or maybe I'm just getting old!

My parents came north with us, via NB's of course, and spent a further week here, again, bearing the load. OB started veering off course a bit during this week, to be honest, perhaps because there were two birthdays celebrated (mine and my Mum's) and all the excitement, fun and some later nights.

I also think that seeing NB, wonderful though it was, has been unsettling for him. Since NB's visit here a few months ago, OB has been asking to 'go home'. He means our old house and I'm sure part of him pines for the times when we all lived there together and NB was like his brother and live-in playmate.

But these are just bumps in our road, and there are no roads without bumps. We will learn to ride them together and find a way to relish the journey as well as keeping our eyes on the destination.

My parents are back home now and I'm having to re-learn how to make a cup of coffee and how to open my eyes at 6am! A quick return to routine will help OB settle down no doubt, but he already misses his Mamy and Papy and I won't deny that I'm looking forward to our trip to their place in the summer!


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