Careers Advice

Dear Mr OB,

Thank you for completing our Careers Recommendations and Advice Procedure (C.R.A.P.). Based on an extensive meta-analysis of conversations you have had recently, these are our best recommendations for the future career choices that are most suited to you:

Analysis 1:

Mummy: Come on, time for a bath.
You: I can't have a bath Mummy. There are no mats. If you don't have mats you might slip and fall.

Recommendation: Health and Safety Officer

Analysis 2:

Mummy: Five more swings and then we're getting off. Let's count. One . . .
You: One
Mummy: Two
You: One
Mummy: Three
You: Zero!

Recommendation: Investment Banker

Analysis 3:

You (in the car): Look Mummy! A bus! A tree! A camper van! A truck! A dog!

Recommendation: Tour Guide

Analysis 4:

Mummy: Do you see that tractor over there?
You: That's not a tractor.
Mummy: Yes it is. Look, it's got big tractor wheels and a trailer on the back.
You: No Mummy, that's not a tractor, it's a small tractor.

Recommendation: Politician


  1. I love the CRAP name. So cool! And yes thats a lot of career options and so spot on =P #pocolo

    1. At the moment I'm thinking the health and safety thing is most likely - he's always so safety conscious! He even tells me to 'slow down' and 'drive carefully' and 'both hands on the wheel Mummy!'

  2. Hahaha the investment banker one really made me laugh! Potato is still struggling with counting. He has his own word for 'three', 'gai' and all counting is currently 'two, gai, two, gai, two'!

    1. Oh yes! The imaginative counting! We had two-three-two-three for ages, and then we added six, randomly!


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