Water Baby

Just under one year ago I posted about how difficult my son found it to enjoy himself in the pool at my parents' house, and how proud I was when he finally ventured off the steps.

It's less than two months since I shared about his achievement at swimming lessons, finally getting his first badge after months and months of terror and tears.

We are at my parents' again, and around the pool again, and to see him fearlessly propelling himself around the water (with the aid of serious floatation devices!), jumping in off the sides to waiting arms and begging every morning for Papy to get the lid off the pool so he can get in the water in sunshine and rain - well, I'm always proud of my little man, but this has been a pretty special week!


  1. Well done to your little man! My girls have grown in their confidence over the last 12 months and it's lovely to watch! How nice that your parents have a pool, perfect start to the summer!

    1. It is a really lovely pool, and perfect when the days are hot!


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