This is why...

... to watch her lift her hands to the people who were strangers only six days ago ... to see her shine her smile on those who have committed themselves to her future ... to witness the transferral of that hard-won attachment to its permanent home ... to hear an adopter say that they are thankful for what you have done ...

... as she sleeps for the last time in her first cot I know that, despite the wobbles and the emotions and the bumps in the road, this is why.


  1. I have tears in my eyes. So lovely. So beautiful. So sad. So happy. All at once.

  2. So very emotional reading this - so happy there is a loving home for this little one - you did a great job xx

  3. We have this all to come again early next year. As you say we work so hard as foster carers to build that attachment and bring our much-loved babies on developmentally, handing them over to their forever families and seeing that new love growing is bittersweet. Make sure you take time for yourself this week, thinking of you xxx

  4. To contain a little ones heart and mind whilst a permeant "for ever" home is found is a joy,blessing and a gift Thank you For your love and kindness x


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