You Made My Day...

... when you told me a long tale about 'fire in cups' and it turned out you meant candles

... when you helped me sort out some of your old toys for the two-year-old that never came

... when you said, "Don't worry Mummy, I'll help you keep the baby safe."

... when you got undressed and ready for your pyjamas without any help

... when I said it was bathtime and you said "Yay!" instead of "Noooo!!!"

... when you got your third swimming badge, you amazing boy

... when you confidently told me your memory verse from weeks ago, completely unprompted

... when you ate all the casserole and said you liked it

... when you came for a lovely cuddle to keep me warm

... when you told me, with great excitement, that you were being 'Jofuss' in the 'Batibity'

... when you slept in until 7.30!

Sometimes our days are hard and our emotions are big. Sometimes we are tired and far from our best. But time after time, sometimes in surprising ways, you make my whole day. Soon we will celebrate another birthday together and I will remember to give thanks for all the days we have.

Happy Birthday OB. I love you xx


  1. What a great post. Bet he'll be a fantastic Jofuss!

  2. Leaky eyes time!

  3. A lovely post - I could write similar things about Sqk. Happy Birthday OB

  4. Oh get me a tissue - that is so lovely xxx

  5. Happy Birthday OB! Lovely post - good luck to him in his Batibity play! :)

  6. Happy birthday to our beautiful grandson and thank you for some lovely memories, kisses and cuddles. We love you little chicken. xxxx

  7. So important to write down the good stuff to remember and reflect on...especially when things get rough. Lovely memories and moments! Happy day to OB!

  8. Cracking post, you're a fine wordsmith.


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