The Things You Do...Birdy Edition

There's an ongoing debate among parents - both adoptive and biological - about how much it is appropriate to share about your children on the internet. I've got to be honest, if I'd had birth children I probably would have plastered their cuteness all over social media without a second thought! But in our house, we have to be circumspect.

This doesn't mean that I'm not proud of them, or that I don't wish that you could all share in their cuteness. So occasionally I like to create a blog record of my favourite things about a particular child at a particular time. I've posted similar posts before about OB and, back in the day, about NB, but now it's Birdy's turn.

Darling Birdy, here are the things I love most about you right now:

  • Your beautiful hair, all thick and soft and curly
  • The way you wrinkle your nose when you are really laughing
  • Your determination to get around and the progress you are making now you've got the hang of it, from bottom shuffling, to crawling, to standing and now to cruising
  • The way you love shoes and amuse us by bottom shuffling around the house with one of OB's wellies in each hand
  • Your chubby, chubby legs!
  • The way you pose for the camera, breaking out into massive smiles and giggles whenever you see one
  • The 'reading' that you do with your tiny books, turning the pages and shouting out the 'words'
  • Your love of pasta - it really is a thing of legend
  • The faces you pull, especially your 'gurning' face
  • How, when you are shy, you come for a cuddle - priceless!
  • The way you are trying so hard to talk, copying the inflections of my words even though you can't make all the sounds yet
  • The smile you greet me with first thing in the morning, little sunshine
  • Your four, almost five, sparkly white teeth
  • Your delayed response, shouting 'Hiya' and 'Ba Ba' just a few moments too late almost every time!

Birdy, you're an absolute treasure, a delight and a blessing!


  1. Ditto, such a joy for all of us xxx

  2. That's brought a smile to my face on a cold and icy morning! Lovely.


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