Me and the PASW

My contact with social workers over the past five years has been sometimes frustrating, sometimes fantastic. It's not an even split. But for today at least, the balance has tipped towards the fantastic.

Today, a social worker from post-adoption support came to my house. I'll be calling her PASW for short! She was great.  Here's why:

  • She listened to me
  • She asked me what I already knew and so avoided 'prof-splaining' everything to me
  • She had prepared in advance
  • She let me tell our story
  • She respected my knowledge and experience, both of my child and professionally
  • She did not mention 'boundaries' or sticker charts or say "all children do that" or make any other patronising comments about how all parenting is challenging
  • She did not confuse my child's situation with 'behaviour problems'
  • She did not give me a blank look when I mentioned things like cortisol, sensory-seeking, hypervigilance, trauma
  • She validated my concerns and did not try to minimise
  • She did not make a weird face when I mentioned home education
  • She had already printed out information sheets on various options
  • She showed me four options that she thought might work for us
  • She prioritised the options - we should try A first as without that, B, C and D might not have much effect
  • She said she'd get it all sorted out
  • She promised to email me to keep me updated

Seriously, if the emailing thing actually happens and the promised appointments are booked, I will probably nominate her for some kind of award.


  1. You make it sound surprisingly simple.

  2. Can we clone her?!!! She sounds a rare gem!!! I do hope she emailed and that she has been as amazing as she sounds.


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