Mother's Day Fail!

Ok, so, to be fair I'm not really used to Mother's Day having anything to do with me, and that's the excuse I'll be using to explain why I managed to forget the beautiful, hand-crafted flower that OB made for me at church this morning 'all by himself'!

Yep, he handed it to me, all proud of himself, and I did the appropriate oohing and aahing, and immediately thought that as this was the first Mother's Day gift he's even given to me, I'll be proud to keep and treasure it forever.

But then, other stuff got in the way.  Straight after church I was taking the choir out for a performance that involved quite a lot of organising.  The boys were going with Aunty Roof and Uncle Fank for the afternoon, so there was a whole car-seat-swapping handover thing to sort out.  And somewhere in the midst of all that I put my beautiful straw and paper flowers down and forgot all about them :(

NB made me stuff too.  He gave me a certificate, complete with Dali-esque colouring and glittery stickers, as well as a cookie, which we split three ways - it's hard to keep something all for yourself with two toddlers in your life!  The certificate made it home fine, but not the flower!

Ah well, I'm still holding out hope that somebody will find it this evening and keep it safely for me but, if not, at least I can comfort myself with the thought that there will be many more Mother's Days to come for me and OB! 

Maybe I'll do better next year!


  1. Oh no, I so hope someone's put it away safely for you. But yes, many more to come and lots more lovely glittery, pasta based artwork to cherish :-)

    1. Someone found it and put it away safely for me :) So relieved!

  2. Here is to many more to come! We have such a big box with all the fantastic things CHT has made inside.

    Thanks for linking up with the Single Adopters Network at . Together we make a great team! Mx


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