Our Day in Court

Well, not strictly speaking as we won't actually be there, but after months of adoption prep, training, form-filling and waiting, waiting, waiting, we finally have a date for our final adoption hearing: 9th April.

On that day, I will officially have a son, and OB will officially have a Mummy.

Can.  Not.  Wait!


  1. Soooo exciting x congratulations x must be great to have a date, finally.

  2. Thanks! So glad to finally be able to put a date against one of the items on my to-do list!

  3. Such a mad limbo kind of place to be when you are already fostering a child waiting to adopt! All the red tape doesn't take into account the real people and the transition they make.
    Just a few weeks now. Everything will on one hand be the same, but on the other - so, so different. be thinking of you on the 9th! Mxxx

    1. I just filled in the application form for the Playgroup he'll go to in September (yes, already!) and put his new name on the form :) :) :)

  4. Brilliant. Lovely to finally have a date and have the official stuff sorted xx


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