Our Airplane Party!

This week, NB turned 3 and we had a little airplane-themed birthday party, complete with cake, paper planes and Red Arrows accessories!

NB loves planes.  He got a little one for Christmas and carried it round everywhere (even to bed!) until it literally fell apart.  Actually it fell apart a few times, but I managed some super glue repairs to keep it going just a little bit longer.

So it was a given that planes would feature heavily in his birthday celebrations.

Of course there was a plane cake.  I'll admit I wasn't as happy with the look of this as I could have been.  I ordered some very blue icing for it but of course it came the day after the party, so I ended up having to improvise by painting white icing with blue food colouring.  The grey blobs on it are actually holographic edible glitter which looked a lot better in real life that they do here!  Underneath it was chocolate, and it was yummy, though I say so myself.

As NB is now the ripe old age of 3, I thought some games might be appropriate.  We had pass the parcel of course - can't miss out the old faves!  And then we pinned the propellor on the plane.

We didn't have balloons at this party (couldn't face blowing them up!) but instead we had paper planes which we turned into a game later.  I hung my awesome £3 Ikea collapsible laundry basket sideways on the wall (such a multi-talented object!) and we all had fun throwing our paper planes into it from a distance - with a suitable chocolatey reward of course :)

Our tea table, with cake, Red Arrows pyramid and little runway complete with biscuit planes.  Yeah, they look at bit like fish, but they are honestly planes!

Everyone took home a piece of birthday cake, a DIY glider and bubbles, as well as the usual sweets and treats :)

NB seemed to have a great time.  At his age, birthdays and Christmases are really starting to mean something, so it was gorgeous to see his excitement as his little friends arrived to celebrate with him.  He really took his time over his presents, opening and examining each one with great care.  The winner on the day was a little BA plane, complete with aircraft sounds, which he took with him when he went to bed!

The next day, though, a new favourite arrived in the mail - a Postman Pat van, complete with little action figure and parcels!  He didn't put it down all day, even taking it up to the bath, and of course, it went to bed with him!


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