A Year Worth Remembering

This has been a life-changing year for us. I thought I'd summarise some of the highlights, momentous occasions and special little moments by picking out some of our Facebook statuses from over the past 12 months(ish!):

4 December 2012
Adoption panel approves of me - it's all good!

23 January
NB has had a 'good self-esteem' week, doing really well in his Speech Therapy assessment yesterday and even better in his SOGS today! At last, he got the flippin' spoon in the cup! Scored 6-12 months ahead on 4 out of 8 areas :-)

29 January
Once, in Tesco, OB saw a toy rocket. He calls it "pocket". Every time we go to Tesco he shouts "Pocket! Pocket!" all the way round the shop. Today I relented and bought him the rocket. I may be a soft touch, but as I watch him playing with it now, opening the doors and moving the little men around, I don't care a bit!

26 February
I love that OB calls me Mummy. Mind you, when he says it 200 times in 30 minutes, it does start to lose a little of its charm!

2 March
The boys are playing a game we'll call 'tig'. It involves putting all of the place mats on the floor and then jumping up and down shouting "Tig! Tig!"

10 March
For a Mothers Day gift to myself, I should have taken us all to McDonalds for our tea. This would have avoided the inevitable wailing and cries of "No like it!" that accompany any meal I actually make from scratch myself! Sigh.

12 March
April 9th, me and OB are finally getting our day in court! (Although we won't actually be there - just a judge and a few other legal types). How very appropriate, just a few days short of our 2-year anniversary together :-)

17 March
NB has just sneezed with a mouthful of porridge. Carnage!

22 March
Went to get NB up from his nap today and his tank top was all pushed down round his waist with the v-neck stretched to 3 times its usual size. As I write this, OB is looking at me with a custard beard. I think both the boys need a little more input into their self-care skills :-)

9 April
Thrilled beyond measure to be able to change OB's online designation to MS - my son! Happy Adoption Day to us!

12 April
I just picked up the keys for my new house!

23 April
NB is going to get a new Mummy.  I've broached the subject and he seems quite pleased at the idea. OB, on the other hand, did look a bit disappointed when I told him he's stuck with the Mummy he's already got!

3 May
About to meet NB's new Mummy. Nervous!

11 May
Dear City fans . . . it has just dawned on me that I have managed to arrange OB's Adoption Celebration Party on the same day as the FA Cup Final! Sorry about that - it wasn't done on purpose, honestly!

13 May
Well, the legal processes, special events and celebrations are all over. Today feels like the first day of the rest of our lives :-)

20 May
The builders are in at the new house. Big bits of it are already missing! :-)

27 May
NB woke up this morning and said "poorly tummy" with a very sad look on his face. Then he came downstairs and scoffed two bowls of Cheerios and a packet of raisins!

7 June
Just booked the flights for our summer trip! :-)

12 June
You know you're mentally getting ready to move house when lovely and useful household items take on the new and more sinister identity of 'piles of junk that will need to be packed'!

15 June
Have just reactivated my personal Twitter account and tweeted for the first time in two years!

21 June
First day of NB's introductions.  Butterflies.

26 June
Packed our bags and printed off the maps. Ready to go for phase 2 of intros!

8 July
I have internet. And a new address and phone number.

22 July
OB is quite excited about visiting Mamy and Papy. He's hoping that it'll be Christmas like it was last time :-D

11 August
Had an email from NB's new mummy today - he is getting on splendidly and has treated her to a couple of excellent meltdowns. Now, there's progress!! :-)

16 August
I have fitted a carpet and hung a blind (much to my own amazement!). The nursery is finished and I am ready to work again!

25 August
Today, OB and I baked our first cake in the new house. While it was cooking we went out and did a spot of gardening and disturbed a toad! #newwoman #livingthedream

5 September
Off we go! OB's first day at Playgroup - the doors opened and he ran straight in without so much as a backward glance!

14 September
OB spending his first night in his new big-boy bedroom :-)

20 September
Today, five months after I signed on the dotted line, I have moved the last bits of furniture over to the new house. I am officially moved in!

30 September
Got absolutely none of my jobs done tonight. But that's ok because I spent 2 hours chatting to NB's new Mummy on skype instead! :-)

25 October
New baby is here! We'll call him Little Boy - LB. OB's response? "Look Mummy! He's got a mouth!"

27 October
First night in OB's big boy bed (at last!). He was suitably excited, asking to go to bed for at least an hour before bedtime.

11 November
We're going to see NB on Saturday! EXCITED!

16 November
Great day. Took 3 hours to get home. Exhausted! NB looks great and was an absolute sweetie :-)

25 November
This is the first night in weeks that OB's not come sneaking downstairs seconds after I put him to bed. Hooray! Now let's see if we can get through the night without the 2am face-slap wake-up call!

26 November
OB's first swimming lesson.  Plenty of crying.

13 December
It's Christmas tomorrow at our house! Spent all evening wrapping and decorating!

25 December
Merry Christmas everybody - our first as Mummy and son.


  1. You made it sound so easy when you you write it like that.
    Nice one

    1. Ha! I know right? I honestly can't believe the year we've had - crazy and wonderful all at once :-)

  2. Wow, so much has happened this last year hasn't it, but Al's right it sounds so easy written in little snippets like that!
    I especially love your last status...hope you had a wonderful first Christmas as mother and son.
    Thanks for all your contributions to The Adoption Social and thanks for linking up to #WASO x


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