Five Cinderellas of 2013

This year has been a bumper year for me  in terms of page views (relatively speaking!) but, by way of a round-up, here are 5 posts from 2013 that, for whatever reason, never really went to the ball.

1.  Some More Successes
I started the year with a round-up of the boys' recent successes - sort of a words-only version of the snapshots that other people post of their children's achievements. I could never resist the urge to boast about them just a little bit!

2. Dubious Expertise
Here I let off a little steam about the plethora of 'experts' that invade your life when you become a parent.

3. Little Lives Big Issues
Reflecting on NB's final contact with birth family.

4.  In the Minds of the Children
The difficulties of explaining fostering and adoption to our children's peers in a way that will inform but not terrify them!

5. Love and Money
Who'd have thought it? The one day I go into a Beautician's and someone says something that sets me off on one! Thoughts on the relationship between doing something for the love of it, and the need to put food on the table.


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