Now We Are Three!

Oh dear, my baby is no longer a baby! Yes, OB has turned three and already I'm missing being able to say "He's only two!" when he's doing something crazy while we're out in public. Ah well. Time is linear and there's not much we can do about it I suppose.

We marked the occasion with all the usual trimmings: presents, cake, party, meltdowns! Well, not so many meltdowns to be honest, but combining birthday excitement with a heavy cold was always going to be a bit tricky. OB's interests remain pretty constant.  He's still heavily into his guitar and drums but we did a Rock Star Party last year, so this year I went with another favourite: space rockets, which he has loved ever since becoming engrossed in Wallace and Gromit's 'A Grand Day Out' for the first time nearly a year ago now.

The cake this year was a massive
chocolate brownie - so easy to make
and decorate!
I didn't go mad with the theme, but we had an astronaut den, black cups and plates with space stickers on them, a flying saucer-making table, rocket fruit kebabs and of course a rocket-shaped birthday cake.

Games were themed as well. We played musical statues, but the statues were all space-themed, and we played a move to the music game, pretending to be comets, planets, astronauts on the moon and so on.  With ten lively toddlers in the house, it was worth the effort to keep their energy focused on games instead of tearing around the place madly!

Another favourite at the moment is Peppa Pig. Since we got the TalkTalk box and discovered that we can have Peppa Pig on Play All at any time of day, I've had to impose TV viewing restrictions for the first time ever! So there was a Peppa Pig theme to the presents with a fairground playset (including a train - most favourite so far!).

I also went for a selfish present and bought him some Lego. I know, I know he's probably too young for it yet, but I have very fond memories of playing with Lego as a child, and I'm always looking for something I can play alongside him that won't have me crying tears of boredom after ten minutes. OB always wants me there when he's playing, but I'm never allowed to actually touch any of his toys without express permission - he's very territorial. I'm hoping that he'll let me sit with him and build some things while he builds his own things (as long as I let him have the pieces he wants!). Lack of bases was always my frustration when I was a child, so I bought four large bases and glued them to the top of an old, battered IKEA Lack side table to make a giant building base. I'm very excited about it, even if OB doesn't really get what it's all about yet! Here's to many more years of Lego fun!


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