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We spent three days on the south coast recently - our first real seaside holiday together!  We were with my parents, visiting family, and we had a very special time messing about on the beach, plopping pebbles into the sea, eating ice cream, running on the pier and just generally doing all those British seaside things I remember from my own childhood.

Living the dream!

One day we went on the pier and OB saw a toddler's 'roller coaster' with cars and trucks going round and round on their track, and even up and down a little slope. He wanted to 'drive cars!' as soon as he saw them, but I was worried that he'd start crying to come off the minute it started.

Eventually I relented and let him choose his car. I needn't have worried - he loved it!  Needless to say, we went on it again pretty soon afterwards :)


  1. My kids love those seaside and pier rides too - they usually end up crying when they get off because they want to stay on! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

    Thanks for sharing this with #MemoryBox

  2. The fair ground is so exciting for children if they can overcome their anxieties. My two also love all the fun of the fair.

    Thanks for sharing on Memorybox. x

  3. That's wonderful - it's so pleasing to know that he's feeling safe and secure enough to try new things and to have fun. What a fab memory!


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