My Intrepid Son!

My son can sometimes be a little bit nervous, and even afraid, of the strangest things.  For instance, lately he's developed a paralysing fear of the sort of fold-down baby changing tables you find in public toilets.  These days I find my heart sinking into my shoes if he fills his nappy while we're out and about as I know that if I can't find a handy area of floor to change him on, there's going to be a major meltdown.

While he's absolutely fearless about some things (riding his push-along motorbike at terrifying speeds for instance), he's nervous around dogs, distressed by the shower and positively traumatised at the prospect of going into the swimming pool unless he is fully glued to my side.

Last summer, we worked hard to overcome his nerves in my parents' pool but, while he was happy to play on the step at the edge of it, he never really warmed to the idea of getting immersed.  I took him swimming a few times after we came home, but he truly hated it and, as our local pool has a one-adult-per-child policy and I had two toddlers, it really was difficult to go unless I could persuade someone to come with us.

So this year, I've been amazed to see him gradually getting bolder and bolder in the pool, moving away from the step and trying some of the pool toys.  Then my 11-year-old nephew came to play in the pool.  He is like a fish!  Swimming, diving, splashing about with the rings and toys.  OB was entranced watching him and then, all of a sudden, he was floating around in the middle of the pool, unsupported in a rubber ring!

And that hasn't been the end of the adventurousness as today we've scaled the climbing wall and mastered the brand new balance bike!  Months after the adoption was finalised, I can still hardly believe that I'm getting to savour these little achievements with my son!

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  1. So wonderful to see our children conquer their fears, we know what massive steps these really are. Thanks for sharing on#Memorybox

  2. Lovely moments captured on camera there. Big steps :-)

    Thanks for linking up on Memory Box x


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